Open Virtual Phone Bank (OpenVPB) is your tool to make phone calls to voters and automatically record their responses for your organization.

Email Address. Password. Caps Lock is on. HOW TO USE OPEN VIRTUAL PHONE BANK HOW TO USE OPEN VIRTUAL PHONE BANK This phone bank will allow you to contact voters to ask for their support on the critical background check initiative on their November ballot. Liberal 1. Go to or enter the link provided to you by your organizer. 2. Log in with your ActionID. If you have not set up your ActionID, click here for instructions on setting it up. 3. If you are prompted to enter a VPB code, you can find it in the link provided by your organizer. 4. Start calling!

Basic Dialer (OpenVPB) Guide Google Voice Setup Guide Zoom Guide. Phone Bank Resources. Autodialer (ThruTalk) Login. Basic Dialer (OpenVPB) Login. Canvass Call Report Form. Google Form for Entering Call Info Manually. Script. Tally Sheet. ThruTalk Coding Cheatsheet. Vote By Mail Guide .

Phone Bank for Michigan – Together For 2020 May 14, 2020 Linksys Official Support - OpenVPN Setting Description for

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I have a WRT1900AC with the OpenVPN server set up. I can access it with my laptop running the OpenVPN client from the internet (the router is in a diffrent state than me). I can ping the WAN side hotspot providing internet access to the router. I cannot see or ping any of the devices on the LAN side