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Linux DNS server BIND configuration - Aug 20, 2018 Running Technitium DNS Server on Ubuntu Linux Technitium DNS Server is build to be cross platform using the .NET Standard 2.0. You can run the DNS Server Portable App on Linux or macOS by using .NET Core. This post is written for Ubuntu Linux but, you can easily follow similar steps on your favorite distro.

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If you wish to change your DNS system on your Linux device, then this guide shall help you. 1. Access Terminal screen from Activities or press Ctrl +T to open the terminal. 2. In most of the Linux operating systems, the DNS servers that the system use for name resolution are defined in /etc/resolv.conf file.

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Using Router's web GUI. The most easiest way to find the DNS server IP address of your router is to … How to Install and Configure DNS Server (Bind 9) on Ubuntu In this tutorial, we are going to learn to setup a private DNS server by implementing BIND9 on Ubuntu/Debian system. BIND or BIND 9 is an open source implementation of DNS, available for almost all Linux distributions. 8 Linux Nslookup Commands to Troubleshoot DNS Find out “A” record (IP address) of Domain. # nslookup Server: Address: …