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How to Fix VPN blocks Internet Connection in Windows 10 There is a possibility that your VPN blocks your internet connection. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that extends a private network across a public network. Therefore, the users can send and receive information as if their systems are directly connected to the private network. Devices, such as laptop, smartphones, desktop, tablets, connected to a VPN, can enjoy its benefits. You Cannot Connect to the Internet After You Connect to a Apr 16, 2018 What to do if your VPN is blocked? | Tips & tricks for VPN blocks are put into place for a reason, and the people placing them usually take a dim view of efforts to evade their blocks. That said, even in countries where VPNs are blocked (such as China and Iran), their use is almost never actually illegal. This means that evading VPN blocks will almost never get you into trouble with the law.

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How to Bypass VPN Blocks: Guide to Unblocking Your Aug 12, 2019

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